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Document Management Software Integration

Our content management and workflow software combines industry-leading technology with in-depth integration that makes sophisticated content management easy for everyone.

Through the ingenuity of our software development team, our content management software and workflow systems can be integrated into almost any application or portal, including standard Microsoft packages, industry-specific applications, proprietary software and general-purpose programs.

The integration happens during development, so your downtime is kept to a minimum. Our unique integration enables content stored in proprietary, closed programs to be included in your data archives, so all of your data is organized, searchable, and easy to retrieve and enhancing your team’s collaboration.

Benefits of Integration

  • Minimized learning curve
  • Less internal resistance to adaptation
  • Reduced use of multiple screens
  • Enhancement of existing software
  • Improved accessibility of data across the organization

Shouldn't your software play nice together? Contact us today to learn how our seamless software integration makes document management easy to manage.